The verification and certification of each vehicle is a pre-inspection service IBC provides best upon your specific request with our team of experienced inspectors. Each vehicles odometer is to ensure there is no evidence of tampering.

Odometer Reading Inspection

We check odometer reading against official databases in Japan to verify mileage. Our independent odometer inspectors use multiple data sources such as the NAA Auction Database, Auction Records, Log books and service records, Export Certificates and Warrant of Fitness logs.

Full Instrument Panel Invasion

If needed a full invasive inspection of the odometer cluster is performed to assses if the odometer reading has previously been tampered or not.

Ownership Verification

We check the vehicles ownership history to ensure against unresolved ownership issues and to clear the unit for export.


Official certificates of inspections are provided to customers via email. Inspected vehicles are furnished with an official OIS inspections stickers on the front widescreen - this sticker specifies mileage status and date of inspection.

For questions, you can contact any of our Sales Executives via email at sales@ibcauto.com or IBC Chat or through our 24/7 Hotline (+81 36635 9355) for a faster response time.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.