Pre-Shipping Inspections Bios Security

More and more countries are introducing quarantine inspections at countries of origin to ensure that no contaminates are transported by vehicles threatening the agricultural industry within the country of final delivery.

What is MPI?

Previously known as MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) now changed to MPI (Ministry of Primary industry) is a government agency in New Zealand in charge of protecting its borders from foreign contaminants that c could potentially damage the country's main industries.

MPI has identified used vehicles as one of the potential sources of contaminants, which could be brought into the country in cracks, crevices, and undercarriages of all types of vehicles. In order to prevent possible incursion of contaminants) MP1 has designated o pre- inspection process on used vehicles to be. carried out by certified MPI inspectors.

IBC MPI Inspected Vehicles

Traditionally, IBC has shipped vehicles to New Zealand and Australia and left the MPI process to be carried out by the customer on the New Zealand and Australian ports.However, this led to unnecessary delays especially in the clearing of vehicles. Now, through our vehicle processing facility in Auto Terminal Japan, MPI inspectors conduct the inspection in Japan even before vehicles are shipped and because a minimal MPI fee is already included in the listed vehicle price, customers experience less hassle and enjoy more convenience.

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