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At IBC we take the risk of buying pre-owned vehicles for our customers away. From auction buying up to shipping to the port of your destinations, our quality control system gives you confidence that your vehicle is given duecare every step of the way.

Our quality control system ensures that from the purchasing of vehicles up to the actual delivery of the sold units to destination, nothing is left to chance. We also assure reliable service and accurate information on all the vehicles in our inventory.

Our inspectors provide the actual vehicle condition accurately through IBC's "Vehicle Checklist" complete with photos, video and condition notes. We offer quality pre-owned vehicles with assurance that you get exactly as described in our comprehensive vehicle check list.

To learn more about IBC's quality control procedures, click on any of the modules below.

IBC Japan Guarantee

The IBC Japan inspection process is limited to visual inspection, cross checking auction sheets against overall vehicle condition, supplying general vehicle description, and listing any paint and panel defects. IBC attempts to inspect the vehicle as you would expect a dealer to inspect the vehicle prior to purchase in Japan. All defects will be noted on the inspection report. We guarantee that vehicles are described as accurately as possible.

IBC's claims policy is based around supplying dealers who are in the car business on a business to business basis. Importers need to be aware that any rules and regulations that may apply in their local country may not be applicable to vehicles being exported from Japan. Importers need to purchase vehicles at a price that provides an allowance for the potential faults, damage and the exclusions listed below.

IBC Claim Policy

14-day claim period

The importer has 14 days from the date of arrival at destination port to notify IBC Japan of any defects or fault deemed claimable.

Any claim accepted outside the 14-day period will be at the discretion of IBC Japan.

Shipping Damage

IBC Japan attempts to describe all vehicles in its checklist as accurately and as detailed as possible for the customer to receive the unit in the condition. Vehicles pass through many different hands in transit and we cannot guarantee that they will arrive in exact and intact condition after shipment.

In case of panel damage or possible theft of vehicle stereos and car parts that are found missing upon arrival in NZ; it is the responsibility of the customer to report any defects, damage, missing parts and items immediately upon receipt of the vehicle by filing a claim with the shipping agent or transporter as the customer deems fit.

Note that any shipping damage or theft must be reported to your account manager and a claim filed with your shipping agent WITHIN 24 hours of delivery to the specified delivery address.

Submitting a Claim

Submit your claim by contacting your IBC Japan Account Manager immediately, even if the item is something you can repair or fix easily.

All claims must be submitted within the time periods indicated in this claims policy.

Make sure you take photographs, provide a full description of the fault or damage and obtain a quote for the work required (at least one quote must be from an independent repairer). No costs are to be incurred prior to IBCs written consent. If any costs have been incurred to have the claim repaired, there is no guarantee of a refund or a grant of a claim.

Exclusions to the claims policy:

The following are all excluded from IBCs claims policy:

  • Any fault under $500;
  • Any faults described to the customer at time of purchase and/or shown in the vehicle checklist;
  • Any vehicle where money remains owing until payment in full is made;
  • Any vehicle personally inspected in Japan prior to purchase;
  • Any vehicle that is purchased at an amount below your bid price and the repair cost less than bid price difference;
  • Any mechanical fault or repair needed for the vehicle to pass compliance such as brake pads, rotors, tires suspension, steering etc. IBC does not provide any guarantees that a vehicle will pass compliance;
  • Any claim related to the compliance status of a two digit emission code (2D) vehicle, please check with your compliance company and make sure that you can comply a 2D vehicle prior to purchase
  • Any faults that can only be detected by driving the vehicle at a speed greater than 10km/hr or leaving it running for a considerable time;
  • Any intermittent faults;
  • Any faults related to the wear and tear of the vehicle and vehicle parts as can be expected for vehicles of that age and mileage;
  • Any claim related to the absence of a Type Designation Number (TDN) on the vehicle registration certificate. IBC will notify you of the missing TDN but if you decide to ship the vehicle it should be at your own risk.
  • Any claims related to the vehicle year. Vehicles in Japan vehicle year models relate to the year of first registration in Japan which may be different from the vehicle year of manufacture. All IBC vehicles are sold based on the year of first registration in Japan;
  • Any claims for expenses that are not relevant to the particular fault e.g. your time or other costs paid for the vehicle;
  • We will not accept claims for refund on any other expenses incurred that are not directly related to the claim at hand(for example oil and service change, brake -pads/rotors)
  • All known factory faults or recalls with different makes and models all of which are listed in the "Manufacturers Faults" schedule below.

Excluded Componentry

While all efforts are made prior to export to make sure all of the main components of the vehicle are all in good working order due to the nature of the visual inspection and the reality that vehicles are used, IBC accepts no responsibility for:

  • Any glass product or part associated with any vehicle
  • Airbag issues
  • Aftermarket parts associated with any vehicle
  • Missing stereos, TV screens, GPS modules, CD stacker cartridge, aftermarket gauges, gear knobs, cargo blinds, alloy centre caps
  • Any damage/corrosion/scraping associated with alloy wheels or tires.
  • Brakes, clutches, driveshaft, CV joints, seat belts, batteries, electrical, and audio accessories unless specifically stipulated on the vehicle checklist.
  • Window regulators are checked during inspection but IBC will not accept responsibility as they are known to fail at any time
  • Air conditioning units are checked during inspection to ensure that they are blowing cold air but IBC will not accept responsibility for any AC issues as they can fail at any time
  • Spare keys and remotes, at the time of purchase our buyers are unaware how many keys and or remotes come with the vehicle, the only keys and remotes IBC guarantees will be supplied with the vehicle are any shown in the vehicle checklist.
  • Any paint and panel damage or defect incurred after shipment caused by shipping or transportation or any weather damage through hail, flood, storm. Transmissions unless the problem is major and could be noted while the vehicle was in a parked position. Transmission cannot be fully inspected due to speed restrictions (vehicles are not driven at speeds greater than 10 km per hour) and the general nature of the inspection process
  • Any warning lights identified will be notified to you prior to purchase and reset if possible during the inspection process. Lights can come on for a variety of reasons such as a flat battery, low voltage or other electrical issues. IBC will not accept any responsibility for vehicles purchased when you are advised of warning lights, or for vehicles where warning lights appear after inspection

Excluded Vehicles

IBC does not accept claims on the following vehicles:

  • Vehicles under JPY200,000 FOB ($4,000 CIF customers or $5,000 landed price)
  • Vehicles below grade 3.5
  • For vehicles over 10 years old, IBC Japan will not cover any defects relating to age. While we thoroughly inspect and grade every vehicle before shipment, problems caused by the wear and tear on older vehicles should be expected.
  • Vehicles over 120,000 kms
  • Luxury vehicles over JPY4M FOB ($50,000 for CIF and ATNZ Direct customers) all contain a number of sophisticated and expensive components that make detecting all possible faults impossible given the nature of IBCs inspection process. IBC will make its best efforts to identify these faults but takes no responsibility for any subsequent claims
  • Commercial vehicles over 20m3
  • Convertibles - IBC will always check the operation of the roof of a convertible at the time of inspection but due to its sophisticated nature cannot guarantee it remains in good working order on arrival.
  • Performance vehicles including all with rotary engines - Due to the nature of these type of vehicles and the lack of information on their history IBC cannot guarantee any faults on performance vehicles
  • Modified Vehicles are to be purchased at your risk

E3M Exemptions for NZ

  • An E3M PSI is required in order for IBC to accept any structural related claims
  • Vehicles that undertake a E3M PSI if variation exceeds 5mm (+/-) vehicle to be canceled and re-auctioned. Auction losses to be covered by IBC.
  • Vehicles that undertake a E3M PSI if variation is below a 5mm (+/-) vehicle shipped and IBC to accept repair cert claims and or take back vehicle.
  • Compliance Center must use i4 as its Entry Certifier.

IBC's Liability

  • For any accepted claim IBC reserves the right to cancel the vehicle, repair or credit your account at its sole discretion. IBC will make all efforts to finalize claims in as quick a period as the circumstances allow.
  • For any accepted claim where IBC cancels the vehicle the maximum liability is the FOB value of the vehicle plus Freight.
  • For any accepted claim relating to mechanical damage, rust or vehicle description where IBC agrees to credit your account the maximum liability is 50% of all amounts over $500 up to a maximum of $2,500.
  • For any issue identified on a vehicle in Japan pre-shipment IBC will re-auction the vehicle on your behalf, charging the costs associated with the re-auction of the vehicle and any subsequent loss to your account.

Known Manufacturer Faults

Many of the vehicles supplied by IBC Japan have known manufacturer faults or issues that can arisen with vehicles over time. IBC will do all we can to inspect all units for these faults before purchase but accepts no responsibility nor any claim for the vehicles listed below. If you purchase these units you will do so on the basis that you are aware of the faults listed below and have allowed for the potential repair in you pricing.

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