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IBC Japan provides our customers additional protection against odometer fraud through Odometer Inspection Services (OIS), a quality control service that’s standard in all our units at no additional cost to you. It is always a concern that the vehicles we purchase for our customers are legitimate and have not been tampered with prior to going through auction and OIS gives us that added assurance.

The verification and certification of each vehicle is conducted by Odometer Inspection Services (OIS), a Japan-based company that has provided independent odometer inspections since 2004. OIS has specially trained diagnostic specialists who perform a comprehensive physical inspection on each vehicle’s odometer to ensure there is no evidence of tampering.

IBC Japan’s OIS inspection service includes the following:

Odometer reading inspection.

Readings are checked against various Japanese government and other official databases in Japan to verify mileage.

Physical Inspection.

All vehicles are physically inspected to determine if there is any indication that the odometer reading is inconsistent with the wear and tear on the vehicle and to see if there is any physical evidence of tampering on the dash and instrument panel. If evidence of tampering is sufficient to raise suspicion, a full removal and examination of the instrument cluster is conducted.

Ownership verification.

The vehicle’s ownership history is verified against official databases in Japan to ensure that there are no outstanding ownership issues and that the vehicles have a free and clear title. This protection is a valuable protection against later claims of theft or financial disputes


Official certificates of inspection are provided to customers via email. Inspected vehicles are furnished with an official OIS inspection sticker on the front windscreen — this sticker specifies mileage status and date of inspection.

If you have questions about IBC Japan’s OIS Inspection service, you can always contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center at +81 50 5809-7257 or you can email at sales@ibcauto.com