Quality Control

To learn more about IBC's quality control procedures, click on any of the modules below.

At IBC we take the risk of buying pre-owned vehicles for our customers away. From auction buying up to shipping to the port of your destinations, our quality control system gives you confidence that your vehicle is given duecare every step of the way.

Our quality control system ensures that from the purchasing of vehicles up to the actual delivery of the sold units to destination, nothing is left to chance. We also assure reliable service and accurate information on all the vehicles in our inventory.

Our inspectors provide the actual vehicle condition accurately through IBC's "Vehicle Checklist" complete with photos, video and condition notes. We offer quality pre-owned vehicles with assurance that you get exactly as described in our comprehensive vehicle check list.

To learn more about IBC's quality control procedures, click on any of the modules below.

Vehicle Grading

vehicle photo

IBC Japan’s condition grades are based on a comparison of a normal vehicle's condition of the same year, make, model and mileage.

Please note that all grading is subjective and depends on vehicle age and mileage. For example, a new vehicle with extensive scratches or dents would grade higher than a 10 year old vehicle with 100,000 kms in the same condition.

Grading should be used as a general guide but the condition notes for each vehicle should be specifically noted and reviewed prior to buying.

Condition Grading System:

Brand new or almost new
Very good
Above average to Good
Average - Good
Below average
Very Poor
Suspension, Engine, Transmission or Exhaust modified vehicle specifications
Vehicle has accident history

Interior Grading System:

Very good
Below Average

Important Note: All grading is based on vehicle’s age in relation to its condition. For example, a vehicle less than 1 year old graded 4.0 would probably require reconditioning even though the overall condition is good as it is almost new. By contrast, a 10-year-old vehicle would be expected to be in average (3.5) condition but would be in very good condition if it was graded 4.0 as it is in better condition than most vehicles of that age. The vehicle grading-- both interior and exterior -- do not relate to reconditioning costs. We recommend that you pay close attention to specific vehicle details in the condition reports.