Quality Control

To learn more about IBC's quality control procedures, click on any of the modules below.

At IBC we take the risk of buying pre-owned vehicles for our customers away. From auction buying up to shipping to the port of your destinations, our quality control system gives you confidence that your vehicle is given duecare every step of the way.

Our quality control system ensures that from the purchasing of vehicles up to the actual delivery of the sold units to destination, nothing is left to chance. We also assure reliable service and accurate information on all the vehicles in our inventory.

Our inspectors provide the actual vehicle condition accurately through IBC's "Vehicle Checklist" complete with photos, video and condition notes. We offer quality pre-owned vehicles with assurance that you get exactly as described in our comprehensive vehicle check list.

To learn more about IBC's quality control procedures, click on any of the modules below.

Vehicle Inspection

vehicle photo

Vehicles purchased from our inventory and from iDirect auctions are sent to our inspection center, AutoTerminal Japan (ATJ), for an independent inspection before shipment. ATJ is fully equipped with state of the art equipment to allow us to correctly appraise and inspect vehicles.

Vehicle Inspection

Exterior inspection to detect dents, scratches and other damage.

Full exterior and interior cleaning

Engines steam cleaned and interiorlexterior cleaning done when necessary.

Mechanical inspections and grading

Full time mechanics on the premises for engine and overall mechanical inspection.

Photographs for the Internet

Photographs of vehicle exterior are taken.

Vehicles that meet IBC Japan export standards are given the AutoTerminal seal of quality. Seal is placed on rear window and checklist placed on front screen for arrival/pre-delivery inspection.

Secure and Safe Premises

After inspection, vehicles are held in AutoTerminal's secure premises prior to shipment.

Note. Although AutoTerminal does not change batteries, we ensure that existing battery has been inspected and is fully operational.