Claims Policy

(a) IBC’s claim policy is governed as stated by its policy found within its website. Dealer to check this link,

(b) IBC provides three post purchase inspection (PPI) at each of IBC’s port facilities prior to shipping.

B1. Terminal Receiving Service (TRS)
  1. No inspection
  2. No photos
  3. No repair, ship as is
  4. No claims
B2. Vehicle Check Inspection (VCI)
  1. Vehicle condition check
  2. Photo taking
  3. Checklist uploaded and verified
B3. Maxcare
  1. Pre-Purchase Auction Appraisals & Procurement Services
  2. Full Workshops, Parts support, Technical Staff, and diagnostic tooling at Japan’s main Ports (Kisarazu,Kobe, Nagoya)
  3. 160-point check upon arrival into our port facilities by our qualified technical department.
  4. Upon arrival into the port of delivery, IBC’s Certified Compliance Center will undertake Entry Cert, QC checks prior to delivery.
  5. QR Code Tracking with end-to-end vehicle log
  6. 360 surround interior and exterior and underbody scanning

(c) There will be no exception on the claim policy outlined on IBC’s website for Dealers whose compliance center is not using i4checkpoint as their entry certifier. Dealers should send an email to Techadmin at

(d) Claims from Dealers using compliance center where i4checkpoint as the entry certifier will allow IBC’s Market Manager to assess the claims more carefully, identify the source of the problem and provide a solution.

(e) IBC will be working closely with i4checkpoint to improve the speed and compliance of the vehicles. While i4checkpoint is also working on developing an EV and hybrid battery repair services soon.